Automotive Tool Sets

Engine compression test picture

Engine Cylinder Compression Gauge Tester.

Complete kit comes with adapters for most applications. Check the condition of your piston ring & valve …

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Fuel pressure tester for petrol engine picture

Used to test if the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or replacing and more• Used to test if the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or rep…

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Diesel compression test picture

This high quality kit comes with a high quality pressure gauge which has an oil filled gauge covered in a rubber protector to give you an accurate re…

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Radiator water leak detector picture



Gauge test pressures ranges from 0 – 2.5 bar (0-35PSI)

Designed to fit most major car brands from Europe, Japan and the United Sta…

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Diesel injector flow test common rail kit picture

To measure rapidly and effectively the amount of fuel that every injector returns to the deposit tank so that you will find if any injector is damage…

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Diesel injector puller kit picture

Diesel Injector Puller Injector Extract Remover Sliding Hammer8-piece Injector Extractor Set – with sliding hammer 1,70 kg- extra short: only 225 mm-…

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12 piece oil pressure tester set picture


This easy to use kit is manufactured to test oil pump pressure and also low oil warning devices. Includes adaptor for areas with limited access…

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Transmission clutch spring compressor picture

Transmission Clutch Spring Compressor-Four Legs

Adjustable legs fit most cars & trucks for replacement of transmission rear clutch piston snap rin…

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Dsg clutch removal kit vag picture

DSG clutch removal tool set for VAG 7 speed gear boxes found in Volkswagen Golf/Touareg and Audi A3


  • Designed to allow the safe r…
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